Patricia Larsen: Painter Makes Artful Home for her works in San Miguel

On Saturday, January 23, I made my first foray into the historic district of San Miguel de Allende since landing in Leon six days earlier.  Better writers than I have written about the welcoming charm of this town filled with colorful churches and shops, awash with an array of high and low cultural events. And the people!  I spent six hours on foot exploring everything that I came upon, with a special interest in the art studios and galleries.  Y SOMOS, the studio and gallery housing Patricia Larsen’s work was an exquisite discovery that held me, enthralled, for more than an hour.

Though I’ve not yet met this talented artist, after spending time in her various galleries, I felt as if the spirit of this woman was palpable in the space, in the paintings themselves, in the placement of each piece, and the unique furnishings.  It was evident to me that Larsen understood the value of staging the entire room in which her art works lived and breathed.  But the staging was not facile – each piece had its own presence that complemented Larsen’s work.  Karina Tavarez, interior designer serving as the artist’s most gracious representative in the gallery, was a surpassingly fine appointment on Larsen’s part, as Tavarez excelled in welcoming and enlightening this visitor.  I thank her for her hospitality and her ease in closing the gap between my “poquito Espanol” with her impressive command of both English and Spanish.

I will say no more.  I will let the photos of Patricia Larsen’s studio and gallery space talk for themselves.