Though I’ve walked this path from my residence hall  at Goddard to the Pratt Library many times before, this time I was able to let in  the majesty of  beautiful cairn which has stood as the path sentinel  for many years.   The soft forest sounds of cicadas, bird calls, breezes rustling tree leaves, and far off laughter of hiking children all created a beautiful sonic backdrop for this photo.  The afternoon sunlight seemed to contribute the piece de resistance  by falling exactly where it would confer mystical blessing on the small Waymaking Cairn in the presence of the elder cairn.

All of my original works are protected by copyright and may not  be copied, duplicated, or used in any way without my explicit permission. But if you ask me nicely and tell me something exciting about how the work might be used (especially if I get to participate) I have a feeling the answer could very well be “Yes!”

Cairn the Elder and Cairn the Younger

Cairn the Elder and Cairn the Younger

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