Waymaking Cairn – IMBY

IMBY – a play on the acronym NIMBY, which means “not in my backyard.” The phrase came to be associated with community activism that protests the location of a new element within the community which is perceived as a threat to the community.  Sometimes the perceived threat is economic – property values might plummet.  Sometimes the threat is WAYMAKING CAIRNenvironmental – the health of the community is at risk.  In my case, I have been watching my neighbor’s fence slowly decay over the past several years, with many holes like this appearing as the long neglected wood crumbles under the elements of sun, wind, snow, rain and the encroaching morning glory vines and volunteer sumac trees.

WWAYMAKING CAIRNith these images I attempt to let go of my negative thoughts about the ugliness of this fence, and instead notice how beautiful is the composition which the cairn’s presence permits me to see.  I only need look through a lens that is free of judgement.


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