All of my original works are protected by copyright and may not  be copied, duplicated, or used in any way without my explicit permission. But if you ask me nicely and tell me something exciting about how the work might be used (especially if I get to participate) I have a feeling the answer could very well be “Yes!”

If you are listening, like most do, using merely your built in computer speakers, I strongly recommend you use earphones or headphones for the highest sound quality in each digital sound file. If you don’t believe me, try it both ways, and you’ll hear the marked difference.  Thanks!

Dia de los Muertos, OR Not-so-famous Last Words

Sonic composition and voicing  by Julie Volkmann (c) 2015

These are purportedly the last words spoken by  several contemporary celebrities who have died in the last 10 – 20 years.  I felt compelled to make a soundscape and deliberately chose not to attribute the words to any named person because I believe  their words (for the most part) to be no different than the words that might be said by any other approaching death, knowingly or unknowingly.  Death, after all, is the great equalizer – there’s another quote that can’t and won’t be attributed.

Insistent Groove

Sonic composition and voicing  by Julie Volkmann (c) 2015

This began as an exploration of various percussive tracks working with each other, but through the mystery of creation, became a dramatic micro-episode.

The Rain – a poem by Robert Creeley

Sonic composition and voicing  by Julie Volkmann 

As I was working in my upstairs bedroom with my new microphone late in the evening last summer,  I was gifted with a rain shower! It presented me with the perfect sonic backdrop for a new sound file and so I recorded about 10 minutes of rain fall.  I then went looking for a poem on rain that suited my mood and the quality of the rain and was thrilled to find Robert Creeley’s poem.  It was/is  an exquisite work that challenged me to attempt to render it respectfully and artfully.   Though I won’t claim to be anywhere near Creeley’s level of heart and craft, I felt that this early effort was one I could share.


Written, scored and voiced by Julie Volkmann (c) 2014

It came to me in a dream.   Literally.


Composed and voiced by Julie Volkmann (c) 2015

This is a beta sound file intended to demonstrate how we might employ peoples simple stories in their own voices as a sound installation within a larger socially engaged art project.  I welcome collaborators in launching and moving this project forward in our communities.  Check out my other page on this site and the SeenHeard companion website.

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