On the outside looking in….

Serendipitous was this sighting of another kindred cairn the other day.  I was heading for my car in the parking lot which shares a grassy strip with  a small office building on the adjoining lot.  The ground floor window nearest my car had a closed window blind that covered most of the window except the bottom 12 inches.

Can you come out to play?

Looking In or Looking Out? OR Can you come out to play?

There, centered on the inside sill was a cairn of five rocks.  It seemed   as if whomever had placed the cairn had deliberately left the shade open to accommodate the cairn – allowing it to look out upon the world, even as the world was invited to look in and behold the cairn.  The two captions speak to the dual perspectives I experienced in the sighting.

All of my original works are protected by copyright and may not  be copied, duplicated, or used in any way without my explicit permission. But if you ask me nicely and tell me something exciting about how the work might be used (especially if I get to participate) I have a feeling the answer could very well be “Yes!”

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